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Rename multiple files at a single go using Batch Renamer
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Batch Renamer

Batch Renamer is the best software tool available in the market that allows its users to rename multiple files at a single go. This software tool has a very easy to understand and user-friendly environment which makes it stand apart from its other competitors of the same category in the software market. The main advantage of using this program tool is that it is a cross-platform compatible product which faces no problem whatsoever on running on different machines with different operating systems.
One of the best and powerful features of Batch Renamer is that it is able to rename several files at once based on search and replace patterns. These search and replace patterns can make use of both constant strings as well as regular expressions. Furthermore, Multi-language support for as many as eight different languages such as Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish increases its compatibility and usability. Moreover, an important and userful feature of this software is that it can also support Numeric sequences that can be used to replace a grouped search pattern.

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